Monday, March 5, 2018

A Biblical perspective of "Living Biblically"

This is the first episode, all the other episodes will be created by topic, and will be about 3 to 5 minutes.

Join Mondo Gonzales and Bob Daly every week as they take a look at culture through the misunderstandings of "Chip" the main character in "Living Biblically" a new CBS sitcom.  Chip has decides to change his life after his best friend dies, His solution is to literally live by the bible without a true understanding on how the bible works as a whole.  Without knowing the theology that ties the story of the bible together, he foolishly attempts to live out his faith.  This makes for some funny situations but in doing so it doesn't represent what the context of scripture is saying. This reflects what the culture knows about the bible....That's why we want to set the record straight, sadly this sitcom's misrepresentation of the bible may be all a person knows about the Bible.  Pursue the truth for Truth's sake....or be deceived.

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