Monday, March 18, 2019

Are Kittens More Valuable than Humans?

Political parties and specific ideological platforms are irrelevant to the advancement of God's Kingdom.  This isn't a political post.  As Christians our "party" should be the "Monarchist" party as Jesus is the King of Kings and we await for His Glorious return to set up a perfect system of government.  Jesus said His Kingdom is not of this world (John 18:36) and so we look forward to His return!

What do we make of the latest insanity where members of our U.S. Congress are showing the depravity of their their thinking through their promotion of legislation that demonstrates their value of a kitten over a human made in the image of God?

Romans 1:21 and 28 reveal that when a society abandons God, He will eventually reveal His wrath against that society by allowing their hearts to become so dark and vile, that even their minds and thinking will be unable to reconcile plain contradictory or heinous actions.  This is exactly what we are witnessing in our government.  My prayer is that God will grant these people repentance.

See this article below:

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